Fantasy Island Type Beds for Kids

The Princess has always had hand-me-down mis-matched furniture in her room, so recently we decided to get her some pieces of her own. She wants a canopy bed, which is kind of hard to find if you are not looking for super-frilly, but I did find one, and some matching pieces at PBTeen. The stuff was a little pricey, but I figured it would last her until she goes to college, so I was willing to pay for the style and quality…until I got to the shipping. For three pieces of furniture and a mattress (without a box spring) it was almost $500 to have it delivered. And I’m sorry, but that’s just crazy talk. When we moved here two years ago, I had 9 rooms full of furniture, including a piano, plus a basement full of kids’ toys moved for a little over $1500. Nine rooms! So, I stopped myself, after asking if they could combine the shipping and being denied, from making a purchase.

From there, I went looking for alternatives, and was shocked to find some CRAZY outrageous kids’ beds that I thought I would share.

First of all, if I had the means, and it was available anywhere, this is the one I would buy for sure.


TweenNick The Retreat Canopy Bed $3150

But three grand is nothing compared to some of these:

English Tudor Cottage Bed - $35,000

English Tudor Cottage Bed – $35,000

Princess Palace Bed

Princess Palace Playhouse – $47,000

Fantasy Coach Bed

Fantasy Coach Bed – $47,000

But if princesses aren’t your thing, how about a bed for the little prince?

Tropical Surf Shack Bunk Bed - $16,000

Tropical Surf Shack Bunk Bed – $16,000

Vintage Race Car Bed - $20,160

Vintage Race Car Bed – $20,160

Lighthouse Bed (Which also has drawers and a laundry hamper) - $16,150

Lighthouse Bed (Which also has drawers and a laundry hamper) – $16,150

Deep Space Fighter Bed - (Though let's face facts - it's an unliscenced Star Wars bed) - Priced on demand, and I am sure more than my car cost.

Deep Space Fighter Bed – (Though let’s face facts – it’s an unliscenced Star Wars bed) – Priced on demand, and I am sure more than my car cost.

Needless to say, I am continuing my search for the perfect bed for our Princess. Let me know if you found anything here for your kids…or self.

Toothpick Jeans at J Crew

19524_10151513159153814_933530324_nI don’t know about you, but I would need a heck of a lot more than a “hint” of stretch to fit into a pair of these.

Top Five Gifts for the Children of People You Hate (Egghead edition)

Since many bloggers seem to be putting together this kind of list at this time of year, I thought I would offer you my contenders:

1. The Orbees Soothing Spa

What are the beads made of anyway?

Five minutes of bliss for your daughter (who let’s face it, would have to be under the age of 8 not to want the real thing instead), five years of finding little colored balls in your carpet, under the bed, in a shoe, under the sofa, in the dog’s bowl…you get the idea.

2. Anything Made by Mattel since 1987

Four hours to put together the Barbie Dream house, and the furniture stays together pretty well…as long as nobody actually plays with it. The Princess has this exact Barbie house. The furniture fell apart so many times that she just finally gave up on it. It’s just cheap (and yet not cheaply priced) Chinese-manufactured crap. Don’t even get me started on the elevator. The same goes for anything Hot Wheels related.

3. Fart Whistle

Needless to say, hours and hours of fun for the whole family. And — how old is that guy on the package supposed to be?

4. Any Kind of Voice Changing Device

Pretty much anything that makes electronic noise is annoying, but when kids can take their own voices and magnify and distort them, well, the fun never stops. At least not until you take a hammer to the thing.

5. Any Craft That is Way Beyond the Child’s Appropriate Age Level

Yes, that's a gingerbread house.

While crafts by themselves present enough set-up/clean-up work for any parent, a craft that the child can’t actually do by him- or herself is the eighth circle of hell. Even for the most Martha-Stewarty mother.

Good luck with your holiday shopping!

Royal Wedding Party

In case your invitation got lost in the mail:


New Foundation

I don’t usually talk about products on my blog, but I recently found a new foundation that I LOVE.



In the commercial, Halle Barry looks like she’s getting a glow from something more than makeup while she’s rolling around on that chaise, but that doesn’t mean the product won’t do something for you.

I’m 40-something years old, and I’ve been fighting the idea of daily make-up application for years. I don’t really like the feel of it; anything that covers well is always heavy, or it disappears within hours of being put on. This make-up feels so great as you brush it into your skin. It’s cool and refreshing, even though it’s a powder foundation, feeling almost wet on your skin at first.  Totally weightless, it stays flawless all day long.  I haven’t worn it in summer yet, but I don’t feel like I get that shine that I always have in the past after a few hours. I highly recommend it if you like powder foundation. The only drawback to it, in my opinion, is the size of the application brush. I just use my own.

It doesn’t make me look like Halle Berry, but it gets me as close as I’ll ever be.


Speaking of Halle Berry, I have this theory about her. I’ve come to the conclusion that she must be from another planet, and on that planet, beings age at a much slower rate than they do here on earth. Look at her! She looks better than she did ten years ago. She is SO gorgeous! And how about that kid she has? It seems like she had her daughter like five years ago (am I wrong?), but the press claims that Nahla is only two…or maybe she’s actually half alien being? Hmmm….