Righteous…right just shut up!

Last night Manfrengensen and I got out to see Burn After Reading.  It was okay.  Not the Coen’s best, but Brad Pitt was fun to watch.  I think he’s better in the supporting roles.  But that’s just me.


Anyway, before the show started, I went to the ladies’ room, which was a hike from our theater’s corner of the multiplex.  So I was making my way there, and the only other people in this long hallway were this guy, late-thirties perhaps, with his kids, neither of whom could have been over eight or nine years old.  And he was yelling at them — yelling — about how they should stay to one side of the hall so other people could pass.  We were in this huge, wide hall, and no one else was around.  Maybe he’d started berating them before they’d turned the corner into this hall, but still.  He had this accent, like New-Jersey-construction/Sopranos-extra kind of accent.  He had the leathery face of a smoker.  Just yelling and berating these two silent kids.  And then they turned to go into their theater — to see Righteous Kill.  Who the hell is taking two little kids to see Righteous Kill??

I’m not even sure Edison (who’s 8 ) is ready for something like Raiders of the Lost Ark.  This guy’s taking his to see Righteous Kill??  I don’t want to tell anyone how to raise their kids, but WTF? Seriously — I know you love DeNiro, but what is an eight-year-old going to take away from Righteous Kill? Can’t you wait until your ex-wife’s got them for the night?


Is that too mean?



Trouble with a Capital “T”

So, this morning, I woke up with Ee calling from her crib, “Mommy, come get me.  Stinky pants.” Pause.  “Stinky pants, Mommy.  Come get me.” Pause.  “Mommy, my hand’s dirty.”

So, at that point, I jumped out of bed.  Good grief, I was thinking.  Great way to freaking start the day.

But here’s the thing: she was lying.  Not even three and she’s figured out that this is the perfect way to get my ass out of bed pronto.

How do my children continually outsmart me?


Last night Manfrengensen and I watched La Vie En Rose, which was excellent.  I don’t know off hand if the make-up won an Oscar, but it should have.  My only complaint was that it didn’t have subtitles for the songs, and I think they would have meant more to me if I had known the words she was singing.  I got that they were conveying a kind of emotion, but still, would have been nice to understand the words.  Like in a movie like Walk the Line, when he sang about walking it, you knew which line it was.


Can’t wait for this movie!!!!