Trouble with a Capital “T”

So, this morning, I woke up with Ee calling from her crib, “Mommy, come get me.  Stinky pants.” Pause.  “Stinky pants, Mommy.  Come get me.” Pause.  “Mommy, my hand’s dirty.”

So, at that point, I jumped out of bed.  Good grief, I was thinking.  Great way to freaking start the day.

But here’s the thing: she was lying.  Not even three and she’s figured out that this is the perfect way to get my ass out of bed pronto.

How do my children continually outsmart me?


Last night Manfrengensen and I watched La Vie En Rose, which was excellent.  I don’t know off hand if the make-up won an Oscar, but it should have.  My only complaint was that it didn’t have subtitles for the songs, and I think they would have meant more to me if I had known the words she was singing.  I got that they were conveying a kind of emotion, but still, would have been nice to understand the words.  Like in a movie like Walk the Line, when he sang about walking it, you knew which line it was.


Can’t wait for this movie!!!!

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