Homemade Halloween Costumes

This year I made costumes for the boys, and I was pretty happy with the way they turned out.

Clooney went dressed as a $100 bill. For this, I cut a box apart and attached a beach towel that had the bill’s image printed on it. I used staples to attach it, and then covered the staples with duct tape. The box had some creases in it, so I fortified those with popsicle sticks to keep the cardboard straight across his back. Duct tape was also used to make straps that went over his shoulders and through the back of the costume. Then I cut the real Ben Franklin out of the towel, and dressed Clooney up as the old man.

I also painted the back, using some leftover paint samples from when we painted the house and roughly sketched a facsimile of what’s on the back of the bill to finish it off.

Edison decided that he wanted to be a penny this year. At first, I was going to use cardboard, but then it turned out that a pop-up play tent  that belonged to The Princess had broken, so we were going to throw it away. The base of it was round, made of nylon, lightweight and shaped with a wire frame. So, I got some copper spray paint, and changed the color from purple to shiny new penny. Then I got some stick-on glitter letters and copied the penny’s words. (There were no upper case letters to be had, so I had to go all lower case, but worked out fine. People knew what he was.) We got a stick-on Abe beard (which I also spray painted) and used a little face paint to recreate the coin.

And I decorated the back as well.

Lots of fun! Hope you had a great Halloween too.

What a Great Day

A perfect Saturday, if you don’t count having to get up early.  The Princess and I had a really nice morning, running errands, out to lunch and then to the park.  She was happy and fun. She was in this really affectionate mood and liberal with the hugs and kisses. It was great.

zeldaIn the afternoon, she took a nap, and I grabbed a shower.  Saturday night was the costume party, and as I said, I went as Zelda Fitzgerald.  My hair is kind of long and curly these days, so I decided to make it shorter, more like a 1920’s bob, by putting really tight curls in it, and then taming it with a headband that went with my costume.  While The Princess was sleeping, I put forty tight curl rollers into my hair.  Let me tell you, I’m kind of “challenged” when it comes to doing hair.  I don’t like to blow it dry or use a curling iron.  It’s too much work; it always seems to take forever; and my arms or wrists always get tired in the process.  My hat is off (literally) to anyone who can style their own hair or who does other people’s hair for a living.  It’s something that is an elusive mystery in my book. 


But, you know,  I like to dream that I can do these projects myself. I let the curls set for like four hours and went about my business. Manfrengensen took delight in teasing me about my makeshift turban (made out of a white dishtowel), and if you insert your own joke there, you will surely hit on one of the images he conjured.  In the afternoon, I took The Princess out into the yard, and we blew bubbles, hundreds of them, into the wind. The boys came outside soon after, and we all had little wands and bubbles were everywhere, in the yard, over the fence, making their runs in vain for the stratosphere.  After a while, the boys and I played Red Light Green Light and What Time Is It Mr. Fox?  with The Princess thinking she was playing too, though she was just running all over the place like crazy.  In any case, it was a lot of laughs.  At one point, T3 had a moment of mourning for one of the tulips that had lost its bloom. He Sideshow Bobhad taken so much delight in helping me plant the bulbs last fall.  It was a sad moment, and tears were shed, but I explained, hey, that’s what flowers do. Yes, it is sad when their petals fall off, but they’ll be back again next year.  I made dinner eventually (pizza, though not my best effort,) and after that I went upstairs to take out the curlers.  When all was said and done, yes, you could say that I had fashioned myself a bob, only it was more like a Sideshow Bob.

A few bobby pins later, we were off.  Manfrengensen looked dashing as F. Scott. The party was a lot of fun.  Best costume went to this guy, John from up the street, who came as Lady Godiva. What can I tell you?  Sex always sells. And he had it going on.