Park It

Glorious day today.  Planning to spend most of it in the park.  We went yesterday, and it was perhaps the best day we ever had there.  J latched onto some little kid, and the two of them spent hours on a blanket in the shade, pouring over the science section in J’s Brain Quest workbook. T3 ran with a bunch of kids his age, getting out all of his surplus energy, and Ee did what she usually does, the swing and slide circuit.

This morning, Ee and T3 were watching Hi-5 on Discovery Kids.  They love this show, for some reason.  To me, it seems like a bad high school musical.  Same kind of production values, I guess.  Plus, there are only 20 or 25 shows total, and Discovery runs them ten times a week.  Ten times a week!!  Do you have any idea how many times my kids have seen these then?  They know all the songs and moves by heart. How many three-year-olds do you know who can do jazz hands?  Mine does.  It’s cute, but in some ways, kind of frightening. Anyway, Ee says that she likes Karla on the show, and T3 says, “You can’t like Karla.  She steals other people’s songs sometimes.”  What??





Don’t you wish you had this much time on your hands?


Wish I had that many Legos too.


This is kind of funny too.