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Manfrengensen and I are really enjoying this show on HBO:


Very interesting series, and we’re learning a lot about America’s second president. Though I thought the sex scene between Paul Giamatti and Laura Linney was gratuitous.  Kind of like some executive at HBO thought it had to be added to give the series that HBO signiature.  “If it doesn’t have gratuitous titties, it doesn’t say HBO.”

Upcoming movies I’m looking forward to:

Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Iron Man, Incredible Hulk, War Inc., Dark Knight, Wall E.

T3 is psyched for Speed Racer, but my hopes are not high.  The cast list credits one actorSpeed Racer portraying Rex Racer, and then Matthew Fox is Racer X. Um, what up with that?? I really hope the Rex Racer actor is playing him as a child.

Here’s the thing I don’t understand about some of these remakes of nostalgic series.  Why don’t they just take pages from the originals?  If you really want to get a franchise out of it, take what people liked about the series and build on that.  Most of these remakes are too kitstchy to catch on. And like most pieces of kitsch, it’s mostly just crap. Like if you are going to remake Speed Racer with live action, why not just take the first four episodes of the cartoon and bring them to life?  You can’t beat campy lines like the one where the villain tells Speed, “You’re tough kid, but you’re no match for Ace Deucey.”

My brother loved Speed Racer and Ultra Man, both of which used to be on in the afternoons when we got home from school.  I loved this one in kindergarten and first grade:


I think Marine Boy was my first crush.  My best friend and I used to take turns at recess pretending one was Marine Boy and the other was the mermaid, Neptina. Occasionally someone else would play along, pretending to be the dolphin. You can learn more about Marine Boy at:


I also loved Kimba the White Lion


Nope, they don’t make ’em like that any more.