The Case Against Grey’s Anatomy

(Part One of a Series)


First of all, let me just say that I have to doubt this show is guided by any experts in the medical field.  It reminds Manfrengensen of that line in Toy Story where Sid says, “No one’s every tried a double bypass brain transplant before!”  Some time ago, Meredith and McDreamy broke up (more on that later) and in order to keep their sexual tension alive, the writers contrived this plot line where the two are working on a clinical trial in which they attempt to shrink brain tumors by injecting them with a viral cocktail.  (Interestingly, this is kind of the plot of a novel by Allegra Goodman called Intuition.)

Grey's Anatomy Season 4


In last night’s “shocking season finale,” they claimed to have “killed” 11 patients thus far in the trial.  They had two kids they were going to operate on.  The kids were in love.  They were virgins.  Her parents wanted to keep them apart.  They wanted to try sex before they died, so McDreamy and Meredith guard the door to one of their hospital rooms McDreamywhile the kids do it.  Like McDreamy (remember, he’s a neurosurgeon — last season he was up for Chief of Surgery for Pete’s sake) has nothing better to do? Doesn’t he have other patients he needs to be worrying about?

So the kids get it on, and there’s a tearful goodbye where the boy tells the girl, (get your vomit bag ready here) “I won’t die.  I’m not finished loving you yet.”  I’m not finished loving you yet. And then he croaks on the table. Meredith and McDreamy go back to the girl and her parents to ready them for her surgery.  They tell her that no one has lived through it yet, but they are going to “adjust the viral cocktail” and hope that she will make it.  Adjust the viral cocktail??? The same night?  Are they kidding me?  I mean, wouldn’t the FDA require that they test said cocktail on lab animals at any time during this trial?  You can’t just go around injecting humans with viruses in hopes that something will happen.  STUPID.  Stupid plot line with no basis in reality.  None.  Why don’t you just give her a double bypass brain transplant while you’re at it?

Tomorrow, the case against Meredith and Derek “The Legend”….