I Love the Smell of Napalm in the Morning

Bad MorningHave I mentioned that I am not good in the morning?  Plus it doesn’t help that I am currently addicted to MySims, and even though I quit playing it at 11:30, my brain kept going until almost two.  Ee woke me up at 6:30, insisting not only that I let her get out of her crib, but also that I dress her in full Cinderella regalia, and I couldn’t find the shoes. Tired.

Lately I have taken to muttering f-bombs under my breath when they are not in the room, which I know is not a good thing because one day, I’m going to turn around and one of them will be behind me wanting to know what that means, and I will feel even worse for muttering.

I wish I could be more like Manfrengensen.  He’s more the patient, nurturing parent.  He’s Father Teresa. I’m just a crazy mom.

Ee’s watching Dora the Explorer now. She likes those Super Babies.  Try getting that song out of your head.


The crazy thing is, that’s not the worst song on the show.


Anyway, the carpenter is here working on our shower.  We have run into some other issues.  Turned out that we couldn’t take the walls out because a pipe was running through one of them.  We could have removed just one of them, but then it would have looked kind of asymmetrical, so we are leaving it.  The carpenter is here replacing the floor that the plumber had to cut into to replace the drain.  The plumber removed the pan that lined the floor under the old tile.  The thing was made of lead.  Who knows how old it was.

Yeah, kind of on the negative side today, so I guess I will tackle the George issue.


The Case Against Grey’s Anatomy

(Part 3)

Are they kidding us with how many women fall for George O’Malley?  In the first season, he was pining for Meredith, but of course, she was off chasing McDreamy.  But then, somehow in a drunken and vulnerable moment, she slept with him.  Ew.  Then in the second season, he started messing Meredith, George, Izziearound with Callie, and eventually married her.  She claimed George was her McDreamy.  But then he had an affair with Izzie, which was actually one drunken night that they tried to build on (can you ever really build something solid on a foundation of a drunken night though?) so he left Callie O’Malley and tried to make it work with Izzie, which of course, it didn’t.  Now, he has moved into a platonic living situation with Meredith’s sister Lexi, and Lexi is pining for George. Ew.

There is way to much swinging of partners round and round in this show.  I can’t keep up any more.  All of it means nothing, adds up to nothing.  I just don’t care about any of them.

It’s like the writers are running a political campaign.  They try their ideas, find the polls don’t like them, then they abandon the course and try something else.  But what I feel like as a viewer is that I can’t invest in any of these story lines.  It’s just going to be abandoned in the end.  They all go nowhere.  Waste of time.

Next up, my final random thoughts on Grey’s Anatomy….


One last thing. Sad about Sydney Pollack. He was one of my favorite directors, and I loved him in Tootsie.




Weekend Getaway

The summer has begun in earnest, and we are down at my dad’s beach house, a wonderful place where the family comes together in a completely dust-free environment.  It’s fun, though Manfrengensen says it’s like Gattica. If you shed an eyelash, they’ll find it.  If you leave a glass unattended on the counter, when you come back from the bathroom it will be gone.  Stepmom is cool, but very fastidious, and it’s her place, so them’s the rules.  Saturday night I left my sweater and jacket downstairs, and her first words to me Sunday morning were about all my “jazz,” which I immediately took upstairs, feeling sorry and somewhat criminal.  It’s nothing personal, it’s just her thing, and sometimes I wonder if her thing might be borderline OCD.  But she’s got other things too, and some of them are actually good.

Will SmithMy brother and I watched The Pursuit of Happyness Saturday night, which I have to say was pretty good in a way that brought about the appropriate emotional responses in me at the appropriate moments.  I cried at the end, though I thought it was too abrupt.  They spend almost two hours bringing you down into this guy’s spiral, and then in the end, hooray he makes it, hugs his kid, and the credits roll.

Saturday night Manfrengensen and I came in from our ice cream walk to a dark house.  Everyone had gone to bed, so we figured we would set the alarm for the night.  Well, of course, I pushed the wrong buttons, and the thing started beeping, beeping like the countdown on Fox’s 24,  My brother was coming down the stairs as we fiddled with the buttons, the thing beep, beep, beep, beep.  I hit the right combination bomband the thing stopped.  He said, without turning, in that dry, deadpan, monotone way he has, “Did you cut the red wire or the blue?”

We’ll see if this moment is any kind of harbinger to what kind of summer it’s going to be with 10 people sharing a house.

It’s great to be with my brother, who is now in his forties (as am I). He’s been sick with a cold, and the cough is lingering.  How many times this weekend did I hear that cough and assume it was my father?  My brother is a lot like him, and that is a wonderful thing.

Back to Grey’s Anatomy

(Part 2 of the series)

So, anyway, more about Grey’s Anatomy,  specifically Meredith and Derek.  First of all, Derek can do SO MUCH BETTER than Meredith.  I don’t know if it’s the way Ellen Pompeo plays her or the way she’s written, but Meredith Grey is the most whiney, annoying character ever written for prime time television. It’s been four seasons, and rather than getting her shit together, Meredith just seems to get worse and worse as far as emotional train wrecks go.

Several times over the course of this series, the writers have threatened Meredith’s life.  She had a burst appendix, she almost let herself drown, etc.  Each time, I didn’t feel like the drama was real.  I just didn’t believe they’d kill off the title character. Not in this case.  Not for this series.  But, man, did I pray that they would.

Meredith DerekSo now she’s in therapy with some doctor in the hospital who apparently has no other patients, because Meredith seems to just burst in to the woman’s office whenever she has an emotional epiphany, which apparently happens several times a day.  Are we to believe that the shrink is just sitting around waiting for Meredith to work it out and come back to her?  This doctor appears to have a lot of time, perhaps too much time on her hands for filing.  That’s no kind of shrink.  No wonder Meredith is still such a mess.

So at the end of the season, a season in which Meredith and Derek have mostly been apart, and Derek has been dating a nice, patient, understanding nurse (I liked Rose.  Rose is cool.  Rose could see the writing on the wall.  She was cautious, but she couldn’t help loving McDreamy.  Who could?  I ask you, who could? He’s the Loverboy.), Meredith shows up at the end of the episode and does this sappy romantic thing, so we can assume they are getting back together.  A lot of fans of the show are mooning over this moment, but I’ve got to tell you that it made me want to GAG.


Next, why is George such a chick magnet?….



The Case Against Grey’s Anatomy

(Part One of a Series)


First of all, let me just say that I have to doubt this show is guided by any experts in the medical field.  It reminds Manfrengensen of that line in Toy Story where Sid says, “No one’s every tried a double bypass brain transplant before!”  Some time ago, Meredith and McDreamy broke up (more on that later) and in order to keep their sexual tension alive, the writers contrived this plot line where the two are working on a clinical trial in which they attempt to shrink brain tumors by injecting them with a viral cocktail.  (Interestingly, this is kind of the plot of a novel by Allegra Goodman called Intuition.)

Grey's Anatomy Season 4


In last night’s “shocking season finale,” they claimed to have “killed” 11 patients thus far in the trial.  They had two kids they were going to operate on.  The kids were in love.  They were virgins.  Her parents wanted to keep them apart.  They wanted to try sex before they died, so McDreamy and Meredith guard the door to one of their hospital rooms McDreamywhile the kids do it.  Like McDreamy (remember, he’s a neurosurgeon — last season he was up for Chief of Surgery for Pete’s sake) has nothing better to do? Doesn’t he have other patients he needs to be worrying about?

So the kids get it on, and there’s a tearful goodbye where the boy tells the girl, (get your vomit bag ready here) “I won’t die.  I’m not finished loving you yet.”  I’m not finished loving you yet. And then he croaks on the table. Meredith and McDreamy go back to the girl and her parents to ready them for her surgery.  They tell her that no one has lived through it yet, but they are going to “adjust the viral cocktail” and hope that she will make it.  Adjust the viral cocktail??? The same night?  Are they kidding me?  I mean, wouldn’t the FDA require that they test said cocktail on lab animals at any time during this trial?  You can’t just go around injecting humans with viruses in hopes that something will happen.  STUPID.  Stupid plot line with no basis in reality.  None.  Why don’t you just give her a double bypass brain transplant while you’re at it?

Tomorrow, the case against Meredith and Derek “The Legend”….