World History According to Nick Jr.

The “GREATEST EXPLORER OF ALL TIME”, according to the network that brought us Spongebob Squarepants, is (drumroll, please?) Dora the Explorer. (Dora, probably the second highest-grossing marketing commodity under Spongebob for Nick’s parent company, Viacom.)

So, to go over our history lesson, according to Nick (and I can just see a number of this generation’s kids being tested on this in years to come, answering “Dora”) the following explorers are ranked as such:

Christopher Columbus?  A phony.

Marco Polo? A pansy.

Magellan? A pretender.

Robert Peary? A nobody.

Ponce De Leon? A-hole.

But Dora, with all her destinations a mere three stops away (which the Map has to remind her of a dozen times from point A to point D), she’s the greatest explorer of all time.

I Love the Smell of Napalm in the Morning

Bad MorningHave I mentioned that I am not good in the morning?  Plus it doesn’t help that I am currently addicted to MySims, and even though I quit playing it at 11:30, my brain kept going until almost two.  Ee woke me up at 6:30, insisting not only that I let her get out of her crib, but also that I dress her in full Cinderella regalia, and I couldn’t find the shoes. Tired.

Lately I have taken to muttering f-bombs under my breath when they are not in the room, which I know is not a good thing because one day, I’m going to turn around and one of them will be behind me wanting to know what that means, and I will feel even worse for muttering.

I wish I could be more like Manfrengensen.  He’s more the patient, nurturing parent.  He’s Father Teresa. I’m just a crazy mom.

Ee’s watching Dora the Explorer now. She likes those Super Babies.  Try getting that song out of your head.


The crazy thing is, that’s not the worst song on the show.


Anyway, the carpenter is here working on our shower.  We have run into some other issues.  Turned out that we couldn’t take the walls out because a pipe was running through one of them.  We could have removed just one of them, but then it would have looked kind of asymmetrical, so we are leaving it.  The carpenter is here replacing the floor that the plumber had to cut into to replace the drain.  The plumber removed the pan that lined the floor under the old tile.  The thing was made of lead.  Who knows how old it was.

Yeah, kind of on the negative side today, so I guess I will tackle the George issue.


The Case Against Grey’s Anatomy

(Part 3)

Are they kidding us with how many women fall for George O’Malley?  In the first season, he was pining for Meredith, but of course, she was off chasing McDreamy.  But then, somehow in a drunken and vulnerable moment, she slept with him.  Ew.  Then in the second season, he started messing Meredith, George, Izziearound with Callie, and eventually married her.  She claimed George was her McDreamy.  But then he had an affair with Izzie, which was actually one drunken night that they tried to build on (can you ever really build something solid on a foundation of a drunken night though?) so he left Callie O’Malley and tried to make it work with Izzie, which of course, it didn’t.  Now, he has moved into a platonic living situation with Meredith’s sister Lexi, and Lexi is pining for George. Ew.

There is way to much swinging of partners round and round in this show.  I can’t keep up any more.  All of it means nothing, adds up to nothing.  I just don’t care about any of them.

It’s like the writers are running a political campaign.  They try their ideas, find the polls don’t like them, then they abandon the course and try something else.  But what I feel like as a viewer is that I can’t invest in any of these story lines.  It’s just going to be abandoned in the end.  They all go nowhere.  Waste of time.

Next up, my final random thoughts on Grey’s Anatomy….


One last thing. Sad about Sydney Pollack. He was one of my favorite directors, and I loved him in Tootsie.