Yo ho, Ho.

I just read that Johnny Depp is getting 55.8 MILLION DOLLARS to do Pirates of the Caribbean 4.

Fifty-five million, eight hundred thousand dollars.

$55,800,000.  I think that figure is somewhere around my city’s annual operating budget.

I’m not saying he’s not worth that much.  I’m just saying no one is.


And they will probably get the script out of a Cracker Jack box, or more likely, somebody’s orifice.



You wear too much eye make-up.  My sister wears too much...People think shes a whore.

You wear too much eye make-up. My sister wears too much...People think she's a whore.


I haven’t really had time to blog this week as Manfrengensen and I have been caught up in talking about the election and upcoming debates.  I have also been posting my thoughts on the situation elsewhere.  I’m too wound up at the moment to even write about the current situation.  But I do think the debate should proceed tomorrow night.  I want to hear what the candidates have to say.


In other news from the world of bullshit:  Johnny Depp has signed on to do Pirates of the Caribbean 4.  Are you fucking kidding me?  Both 2 and 3 sucked sewage.  In a recent episode I saw of The Simpsons, Bart joins 4-H and drives a bailer off the fields and through all kinds of other stuff.  He runs over a pond, and the fish come out in a cube, etc.  Then he runs over a pile of manure and the bailer spits out copies of Pirates 3.  Hilarious. Hilarious, because it is so true.




The Princess calls Mowgli from The Jungle Book “Man-cub.”



Went back to Jenny Craig today.  This week was not as successful.  I didn’t cheat on the diet at all, but I only lost 1.2 pounds.  So that puts me down a total of five.  I guess that’s success, but I was hoping (and granted, I know I was kidding myself) that in the first three weeks or so I would drop ten pounds.  That the weight would come off me like a coat.

I didn’t drink as much water as I should have this past week as well.  Gotta be sure to do that in the future.  Plus, Manfrengensen and I went out for dinner Friday night to our favorite Mexican place, where I probably should have opted for one soft taco rather than two.  But they are so tasty…