Summer Vacation

It’s July already.  We have been whirlwind busy, and for the most part things are good, though the bickering and tattling presents some challenges.


I had some trouble sleeping last night.  Not sure why.  Last night I watched Stardust, which has a great cast, including Robert DeNiro, Michelle Pfeiffer and Claire Daines.  I really liked it.  Reminded me a bit of The Princess Bride, but more in a fantasy vein with a pinch of Harry Potter, and also a bit of the same flavor as the ABC show Pushing Daisies.  Overall, I found it entertaining.



Then I read for a bit, and couldn’t put Away down.  I have about 60 pages to go.  I turned out the light around 12:30, Manfrengensen already snoozing beside me, and then I tossed and turned for another hour.  I feel a bit grumpy today, and I need to be on my game.  The boys are both having friends over for playdates this afternoon.