An uninterrupted night of sleep would be nice

Two nights ago, I heard someone come bumping down the hall around 1 am. When I opened my eyes, Clooney was standing on Manfrengensen’s side of the bed, and he was hunched over, kind of holding his stomach. My first thought was a panicked one, fearing a night like Krakatoa. He mumbled some gibberish, so I asked him to repeat it, but he couldn’t form his words.

“I want…” he tried to say.

“What?” I asked. “What do you want? Do you feel sick?”

He shook his head like he was trying to clear it, and then said, “I don’t want to see the Smurfs movie.”

Then he turned on his heel and went back to bed.

Okay then.

Last night, it was the Princess’s turn. When I picked her up from a playdate yesterday, she said that she had a headache, and then it turned out that she had a slight fever as well. At 4:30, she woke me up, and while I was lying down with her, she got really chatty, almost deliriously so, going on and on about her field trip to the aquarium almost two months ago; how she touched a starfish, how she saw a swordfish, guys in the shark tank wearing scuba gear, even a detailed description of a stuffed polar bear in the gift shop. By the time I got back to my bed the clock read 5:33 am.

And then, I got up at 7 to take Edison to Harry Potter Camp, which is about 45 minutes away. I have never been much of a commuter, so it’s a big deal. Roughly I am in the car three to three and a half hours each day this week, but he’s enjoying it immensely. It would be nice if we had some floo powder or he could apparate, but such is the real world of us Muggles.

When he got out of the car yesterday morning, we exchanged a moment that just made my heart feel light. You know that look, when you know there’s love there? Like the look you give your newborn child, a back-and-forth feeling of bonding that is increasingly rare as they grow up, and especially around the time when they hit puberty? It was powerful. I was on air all day from that moment.

Yesterday he had a potions class.They duel with spells, go for walks in the “Forbidden Forest”, and yesterday they met a unicorn (a pony with an ice cream cone on its head). Friday there will be a Quidditch tournament. Overall, it sounds like the staff is really creative, and it’s taking place at this school that has kind of Gothic architecture. He’s surrounded by other faithful fans like himself, and he’s having the time of his life. So for that, I can do this drive. For him.

One Comment on “An uninterrupted night of sleep would be nice”

  1. Dennis Whats-His-Face says:

    I go to bed early, like at 9:00 every night. But I have to wake up at about 11:00 to get my son to the toilet one more time. And sometimes I can hear him moving around in the middle of the night in his room and I get up to walk him to the toilet again (he’s a HEAVY sleeper). And my daughter (not even close to a heavy sleeper) will call out every now and then so either I or the wife has to go in usually to fix her blanket. Last night we were up 4 times. Enough of those nights in a row kills me. I just want to be a sleeper of some sort. Heavy or light, I don’t care.

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