More decluttering

Edison and I spent a few hours in his room last week, getting rid of things and organizing. This week, I finally went through some of the boxes that I hadn’t unpacked from the move that were in the basement. I am putting things in boxes and getting ready to donate them to charity. After next week, when I help Clooney and the Princess organize their rooms, we will take the things over to the drop-off site.

38-42) 5 bikes that were outgrown and taking up space in the garage

43) old skateboard

44) Edisons 2010-2011 school work, papers and debris

45) three-year-old diorama

46) Half-used poster board

47-52) 6 naked Barbies

53-56) 4 board games

57-77) Mr. Potatohead and accessories

77-100) two Spongbob Mr. Potatoeheads and accessories

101-150) Sesame Street foam building blocks

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